GMV5 HR – Heat Recovery

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• Heat Recovery Series

GMV5 Heat Recovery System embodies the excellent features of GMV5 (DC inverter technology, DC fan linkage control, precise control of capacity output, balancing control of refrigerant, original oil balancing technology with high-pressure chamber, high-efficiency output control, low-temperature operation control technology, super-heating technology, high adaptability for the project, environmental refrigerant). Its energy efficiency is improved by 78% compared with conventional multi VRF.

product commercial air conditioner gmv5 hr heat recovery series

  • All DC Inverter Technology. All DC inverter compressor is used in this system. It can directly intake gas to reduce loss of overheat and improve efficiency.
  • 82 Pa Wide Application Location.
  • Advanced Control Functions.
  • Better Reliablility.
  • Wide Operation Range: Cooling: -5°C~52°C; Heating: -20°C-24°C; Cooling and heating: -10°C-20°C.
  • Flexible Piping Design.

• GMV5 HR Lineup

product commercial air conditioner gmv5 hr lineup