GMV5 Max – Maximum Capacity of 90kW

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• Features

By adopting advanced technologies such as high-efficiency DC inverter compressor with large capacity and deep sub-cooling technology, the single unit of Gree GMV5 Max can expand its capacity to 90kW for saving space installation cost and device investment cost greatly. At the same time, CAN network communication technology enables the unit to response quickly and it can also improve the user’s comfort experience. This unit can be widely used at small and medium office buildings, large-scale shopping malls and villas as well.

product commercial air conditioner gmv5 max feature

  • DC inverter technology to improve compression efficiency.
  • Wide range of operation condition.
  • Sub-cooling control technology to ensure optimal cooling and heating.
  • High efficiency and more energy saving.
  • Energy-saving operation control technology.
  • G-type heat exchanger is adopted.
  • Intelligent defrosting control.

product commercial air conditioner gmv5 max normal operating condition

• GMV5 Max Lineup

product commercial air conditioner gmv5 max model