Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Inverter Screw Chiller

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Gree LHVE Series Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Inverter Screw Chiller (R134a) is specially designed to improve efficiency and reduce operation cost. Adopting the advanced semi-closed permanent magnetic synchronous inverter screw compressor, the latest efficient falling film heat exchanger, and the eco-friendly refrigerant R134a, the product is energy-saving with high reliability, ensuring long-term stable operation, which is energy-efficient. The cooling capacity range under nominal conditions is 120 ~ 600RT. It is widely applied to all kinds of office buildings, hospitals, schools, and malls, besides, it can be adopted in cooling occasions of technological process.

product commercial air conditioner permanent magnetic synchronous inverter screw chiller feature

  • Adjust the load with rotate speed to realize consecutive adjustment of 20%-100% of one single compressor load;
  • The consecutive adjustment structure of discharge volume can adjust the discharge volume according to actual operation condition, realizing consistent internal and external pressure ratio, heat insulation of compressor has enhanced about 8.4%;
  • Under some load conditions, lower the operation power of compressor, which can be up to 60%.
  • The GRZ-type curve has decreased the leaked triangle area of 50%, reduced the leakage capacity of refrigerant and improved compressor performance;
  • The GRZ-type curve improves the stiffness of female rotor and decreased about 28.3% of the deformation;
  • Drive point is set in both high and low pressure side, the male and female rotor will increase/decrease speed at the same time, ensuring a stable mesh.
  • The permanent magnetic synchronous motor adopts the built-in method of V-shape magnetic steel, by taking advantage of the saliency effect of magnetic circuit, it enhances the motor torque;
  • Inverter startup, the starting current is below 10A, the impact to the overall power grid is small;
  • Under full load working condition, motor efficiency is above 95%; under rated power, compared with traditional; 3-phase asynchronous motor, it has enhanced 3%, in some other loads, it has enhanced 5% ~ 7%.
  • The control circuit adopts 24V full DC electronic control component, which effectively reduces electromagnetic nterference, safe and reliable;
  • Meet the wide voltage input between 328-528V, 50/60Hz is compatible.