U-Match Cassette (Single Split)

Ranging from 18000 Btu to 42000 Btu

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• Cooling Only

It is a kind of split system that the outdoor unit can be connected to various indoor unit(duct, cassette type) with its cooling capacity from 5kW to 12kW.

  • All DC inverter compressor and DC motor are adopted, the energy efficiency of unit is higher.
  • With quick cooling function.
  • Compact design: the tallest outdoor unit with a single fan is only 820mm.

Duct type:

  • Wired controller can adjust the static pressure according to the engineering requirements
  • Fresh air interface reserved.
  • Built-in water pump optional.

Cassette type:

  • 360° air discharge panel.
  • DC motor and DC water pump, high-efficiency and energy-saving.
  • Water pump lift is up to 1000mm.
  • Only 570mm for 12K and 18K cassette unit.

product residential u match cassette norminal operating condition

• Units Lineup

product residential u match cassette unit lineup